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Testimonials + Birth Stories 

Caroline was absolutely amazing. I ended up having to be induced for my labor and once I began having bad enough contractions, I called for her to come to the hospital. Upon arriving she immediately went into action. The hip squeezes were a life saver and helped me get through contractions. I transitioned into the shower and she held the showerhead spraying hot water on my back which was a godsend. Unfortunately, I never got past a 4cm and after 19+ hours of labor, the doctors were concerned with my baby's oxygen levels and movement strongly recommending a c-section. Wanting to go unmedicated and natural was a very tough decision for me. Caroline helped me to understand that it was the right call and to feel good about moving forward with it. She reminded me to ensure that while in the operating room to have my fiance take pictures. I'm glad she did because I may have forgotten otherwise and those are pictures I can't get back. She then waited for me to get out of the operating room and took some pictures of us. I absolutely loved having Caroline there. She was huge support for me, my fiance, and my mother. A few weeks after my delivery, she met up with me to ensure I was doing well and had all the support that I needed. Thank you Caroline for everything you did. I strongly recommend her to anyone that is looking. 

- Jessica

Caroline is a Godsend for me and my husband. We are first-time parents and I had a fairly difficult pregnancy. The very first prenatal visit changed everything. Caroline helped me to gain perspective and feel normal, deeply heard, and understood. She supported me so so much during my pregnancy, at the hospital, and even postpartum, going far above and beyond. She is incredibly passionate about what she does. Everything she told my husband and I ended up being invaluable at my delivery and postpartum. She is honest, caring, and fun to be around. I would recommend Caroline to absolutely anybody. The support I received was a total game-changer and I am so so so deeply appreciative. She puts your desires and rights first and is a fighter for you not to be bullied or pushed into anything you don't really really want. Caroline was the best doula for us and I'm so glad she was a part of our first pregnancy experience.

- Elyse

Caroline was a terrific advocate and resource during my pregnancy and labor! She was very thorough during our prenatal visit and did not try to rush us while we asked questions and developed our birth plan. I felt like Caroline thought about my pregnancy and delivery holistically, keeping in mind my personal history, other health issues, mental health, etc., on top of paying attention to labor-specific concerns.

My labor and delivery did not end up going as planned (in fact I ended up having an unplanned C section), and Caroline was in the room the whole time up until we went into the OR - more than 12 hours total, plus she offered to stay until we were in recovery. She did a great job collaborating with my L&D nurse during the labor, suggesting different pushing positions, offering to get more supplies as needed, etc. She was also great at making my husband feel empowered and involved in the process.

Caroline visited us in the hospital the next day (she offered to stay until we were in recovery, but we told her she could go home since it had been so long!) and then followed up again when we were home. I appreciated that she checked back in about anxieties I had expressed at our earlier meetings, particularly regarding how my husband and I were coping with all the life changes.

Given that my pregnancy and delivery took place during the covid-19 pandemic, I also want to note that Caroline was very transparent, respectful of the precautions we were taking, and flexible with the fact that the hospital's policy on doulas was in flux at various points.

Despite things going not at all how we planned during labor and delivery, I actually feel like I had a very positive experience, and I know Caroline was part of that!

- Laura

After interviewing multiple doulas, we chose to hire Caroline because her passion for the work, her knowledge, her unbiased support for whatever my birth choices may be, and her science-based approach set her apart from others.

She was prepared and professional for every meeting. She went above and beyond to ensure that we were getting as much knowledge and practice from her as possible before the time to give birth came. She always sent evidence-based information to help guide us in our decision-making. After the baby was born she made space to affirm the birth experience and made space to process it. She also was super helpful during postpartum, bringing homemade cookies and making a grocery run to support us.

She struck a good balance between the scientific facts of giving birth and the non-scientific emotional/spiritual and nuanced experience of giving birth. 


Caroline was an amazing addition to my team and was probably one of the best choices I made when it came to my labor and delivery plan. I hired her late in the game since I was on the fence about hiring a doula in general (if you are on the fence, just do it! I promise you won't regret it). Even though we had just a few weeks until my due date she made sure to fit in several meetings to help create my birth plan and make sure I was completely comfortable. She checked in often and made it clear that I could reach out to her at a time with questions to concerns. Just having someone with knowledge and expertise just a text away puts this first-time mom at ease.

My water broke a week early and Caroline was the first call I made. She helped me stay calm as my husband and I made our way to the hospital. She joined us at the hospital just a few short hours later and her presence was an instant reassurance. My husband was a great source of strength but having a third party there just to help and comfort you put both myself and him at ease.

She massaged me through my contractions and helped suggest different positions that might help me. When I thought I couldn't do it, she gently reminded me that I was. She helped me to stay as close to my birth plan as possible by softly reminding me of what we discussed and helping me hold off on an epidural until my labor was well underway and established (which was important to me).

She helped advocate for me with the hospital staff and worked seamlessly with my nurse practitioner to make sure she knew my status and helped to rush things along when I needed something, and it was taking a bit too long.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone looking for some additional support through the labor and delivery process. I really believe my great labor experience would not have gone so smoothly if she wasn't there.

- Kristin

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